The need to knows about screenwriting

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I’ve recently finished a Masters in Scriptwriting. I bloody did it. I am shamelessly proud of myself. I never went to university, so the application process felt particularly extensive. I had to demonstrate that I would enter the MA with the understanding that a Bachelors in English Literature/Film Studies might…

The Useless Garnish of the Literary World

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We live in a world of quotes. Many of them inspirational, most of them completely useless at parting a comprehensive or meaningful message. At first I didn’t mind them. I didn’t often have to deal with the flowery platitudes, but the internet age…

Somewhere between uncomfortable and lethargic, the battle between the muscles in my eyelids and the urge to welcome the soft embrace of sleep wages on. The fuzzy silhouette of some corporate lemming is just about visible through my bleary eyed vision. He gesticulates to a graph on the screen. …

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I was a cripplingly shy boy. Always the outcast. I looked like Mowgli when I was a kid — If Mowgli scowled at everything in the jungle. My father is African/Indian and my mother Italian/Irish. Interestingly, certain phenotypical traits associated with my heritage came to the surface as my body…

Your Comprehensive Guide

If you want to mildly season your sex life, this is the article for you. Too long has there been a hyper-focus on a healthy sex life. Who wants that? That’s far too much pressure. Innate sexiness still seems inextricable from a healthy sex life, and if you’re anything like…

But not enough to raise my voice

Pubs and football. Football and pubs. Two quintessential factors in the social fabric of British life. With the ease of COVID restrictions in the UK, we can assume that it won’t be long before the hordes of lads, donned in their pastel coloured polo shirts, tight blue jeans and obligatory…

The listicles you see everywhere that group us by temperament, introverts for example, are often complete bollocks.

“11 Examples of Things Not to Say to An Introvert”

Fuck off. You don’t know what I’m about! I can sometimes be quiet and repressed and then a single song can make me…

The Memoirs of a College Kid

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What is she thinking? I wonder what she feels in this moment? As she removes the usual macro lens of consciousness and zooms out of her personal bubble to a wider view of her experience, is this moment significant?

Will this be a marker…

Celebrating our grumpy inner critic

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Let’s be honest.

People are the worst. They walk around with their legs, eating and shitting, shouting at each other and taking pictures of stuff.

Terribly annoying.

A species of angry, divided, self-righteous, pleasure seeking, self-fulfilling, platitude spouting morons.

Except Kate Winslet…I don’t care what anybody says, The Holiday is…

How to deal with a dip without getting stuck in the deep end

I was on fire when I started on Medium…


I was writing like mad. One hand bashing out sentences like a hyperactive literary savant while the other hand shoveled coffee beans directly into my gullet.

I could not be stopped.

I got into poetry. Started writing a short story…

Aaron Kara

Writer/actor/poet/idiot. Trying to provide light-hearted content and the occasional serious poem about life and stuff, but mostly stuff

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