A ‘Hello’ to the Medium Community from an Honest Idiot

Aaron Kara
3 min readMar 9, 2019
Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

Hello Medium Friends!

How are you? At a desk I presume? Perhaps a coffee house table, tapping away at a keyboard, writing ideas in a notebook or trying to figure out how to start your career as a writer?

Me too!

I’ve not been on Medium long. I’ve been reading countless articles from the Writing Co-Operative, soaking up all the hints and tips to try and gain a little more momentum on Medium. I’ve been trying to expand my following, read as much as I can, join publications and of course — write as much as possible. I’ve also been searching for my niche, my audience, my own little slice of humanity that wants to listen to what I have to say. It’s not easy. But it’s still pretty fun trying, failing and trying again.

“I’m intellectually curious but not nearly as intelligent as I think I am”

I’m a playwright/actor from London. I’m an insecure, moderately intelligent idiot, in that I’m intellectually curious but not nearly as intelligent as I think I am. I keep a close relationship with what I don’t know, that way I can better facilitate my personal education. A confession of ignorance is necessary for the pursuit of knowledge, as such I’m always hesitant to have an opinion on matters I haven't…



Aaron Kara

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