A ‘Hello’ to the Medium Community from an Honest Idiot

Aaron Kara
3 min readMar 9, 2019
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Hello Medium Friends!

How are you? At a desk I presume? Perhaps a coffee house table, tapping away at a keyboard, writing ideas in a notebook or trying to figure out how to start your career as a writer?

Me too!

I’ve not been on Medium long. I’ve been reading countless articles from the Writing Co-Operative, soaking up all the hints and tips to try and gain a little more momentum on Medium. I’ve been trying to expand my following, read as much as I can, join publications and of course — write as much as possible. I’ve also been searching for my niche, my audience, my own little slice of humanity that wants to listen to what I have to say. It’s not easy. But it’s still pretty fun trying, failing and trying again.

“I’m intellectually curious but not nearly as intelligent as I think I am”

I’m a playwright/actor from London. I’m an insecure, moderately intelligent idiot, in that I’m intellectually curious but not nearly as intelligent as I think I am. I keep a close relationship with what I don’t know, that way I can better facilitate my personal education. A confession of ignorance is necessary for the pursuit of knowledge, as such I’m always hesitant to have an opinion on matters I haven't thoroughly researched. However, in some cases, that idea probably goes out the window within some conversations. We do love to have an opinion. Stop trying to sound intelligent and move on Aaron

I digress…

I love comedy, outrageous comedy and dark humour. I’m a huge fan of Christopher Morris’s ‘The Day Today’. If you haven’t heard of it then you should check it out, it’s a British series spoofing television news in the 90’s. Its comedy gold.

Photo by Frederick Tubiermont on Unsplash

I often use myself as an experiment for comedy. It’s safe and I find that I’m able to uncover weaknesses or insecurities that were previously unknown and deal with them in a contemplative manner whilst mining them for humour. This process means some of my stories have a self-detrimental feel to them…

Aaron Kara

Writer/actor/poet/idiot. Trying to provide light-hearted content and the occasional serious poem about life and stuff, but mostly stuff