Un-inspirational Quotes for Grumpy Cynics

Aaron Kara
3 min readDec 18, 2018

The Useless Garnish of the Literary World

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We live in a world of quotes. Many of them inspirational, most of them completely useless at parting a comprehensive or meaningful message. At first I didn’t mind them. I didn’t often have to deal with the flowery platitudes, but the internet age has allowed these little snippets of facile sophistries to infect every level of social media, so I’m fighting back. I have written what I call “Aaron’s un-inspirational quotes”, a rather un-inspired title but hey, we can't be all things right? These don’t particularly reflect my actual views, they really are, just a bit of fun (famous last words).

As a disclaimer I will say now that some of them are a little morbid, but hopefully there are a few of you out there that can appreciate the levity.

Aaron’s Un-inspirational Quotes

“Remember, quitting is always an option, because trying is hard.” — Aaron Kara

“If you feel it’s time to have children, you probably just haven’t done anything meaningful with your life yet.” — Aaron Kara

“Always do a little less than what’s expected of you, if you get away with it, then you can lower the standard of your work ethic” — Aaron Kara

“We are the infinite dream-weavers at the precipice of self-actualization and the biosphere of the self, which is here in the now, be present and ever loving because presently you are ever loved — I completely made this up and if you believe it then you are a new age simpleton who falls for spiritual nonsensical tat, grow up.” — Aaron Kara

“You can’t change your family, so learn to drive as soon as possible” — Aaron Kara

“Life is in your hands, if you’re not successful, it’s definitely your fault” — Aaron Kara

“Always remember that your present situation is not your final destination. There’s always prison…



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