My Swollen, Red, Angry Puss Filled Boil

And My New Girlfriend’s Mum

Aaron Kara
7 min readMar 2, 2019

This is a story all about how my life got flipped, turned upside down — when my new girlfriends mum stabbed me in the groin with a hot needle to treat my infected abscess. Warning; this story is disgusting.

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When I met my current girlfriend I was a 24 year old waster from London who could barely pull himself out of bed before noon. I spent too much money on booze, and wasted too much time watching anime late into the night.

I had been dating Katja for a month or so. The relationship took a while to get going on account of my crippling insecurity and depression. My last relationship culminated in a nasty break up and I felt completely uprooted. My confidence had been destroyed and Katja exercised great patience in waiting until I pieced myself back together again.

Katja, in my eyes, was a super woman. She was studying a full-time degree in musical theatre which involved acting, singing and dancing — with subsets of disciplines in those areas. She provided private tuition in German, math's, physics and dance. She also worked part time shifts at a pub to pay for a small single bedroom in London whilst auditioning to perform in a West End show.

I was intimidated to say the least, but mostly in awe. How did she do all of those things…



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