There’s A Party in My Substack and You’re All Invited

Aaron Kara
5 min readJul 14, 2022
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I’m moving to Substack.

I know what you’re thinking. Who are you? Why do we care? Isn't that the platform where right-wingers celebrate Elon Musk?

Despite these valid queries, I’m asking you to stay with me, and potentially follow me into the unknown.

I don’t publish often. Not recently, anyway. Back in 2019 you’d have seen a lot more of my work gracing the digital halls of Medium, but alas, the engines have cooled. My process has slowed. I’ve got other things going on. Anxiety, procrastination, hedonism, transient revelations that amount to nothing, that kind of thing. Hopefully, a change in my digital environment will be beneficial. Time will tell.

I’ll be staying true to my brand. An introspective, often irreverent and always unreliable interpretation of the world. The shift isn't about monetization. Medium has been good to me, I haven't made any money, but I’ve made progress. My writing is better. I’m more confident. It just feels like Medium has become a little bloated and clamorous.

I will always skew comedic, even when talking about heavy topics, so if you want a writer who’s deferential then my work will rarely please you as I’m often facetious and nearly always unrefined. My Substack newsletter will at times be deeply personal and revealing. Having lived somewhat of an exceptional life (the bad kind of exceptional) — there are some topics that I feel uniquely situated to comment on, but that’s for the readers to decide. The idea is also to challenge myself, personal essays can be relatable and engaging but can also feel like stretched out anecdotes culminating in limp solutions or angry tirades. I will be trying to offer something other than MY OPINION, but you’ll have to bare with me, I’m learning.

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I thought I’d give a retrospective of my work. Reflecting on some choice excerpts and providing flippant summaries. Hopefully this will pique your curiosity and give you a taste of what you might find (only better) at my Substack.



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