Upon A Moment Of Reflection

Aaron Kara
2 min readMar 1, 2019
Photo by NOTAVANDAL on Unsplash

An inside study of the inside jokes and the relationships on the side,
the taboos and past lies that twist your insides.
You tiptoed on the moral playground,
white chalk over the fatalities in your mind,
the emotions unkind and the strings you’ve made long.
Curious people that didn’t deserve your idle behaviour.

An inside dance for the audience still behind a curtain,
certain that you were unseen you made your best moves.
No eyes to solve the puzzles.
The longer they pry the more they try to see inside,
enough time and they might solve the lock that opens an empty box.
Embarrassed, shy, trying to be you but who knows what else there is to find.

An inside sigh for the worst things you’ve done,
the best things you avoid and the vices that you’ve loved.
For everything you’ve allowed and the times you were drunk,
the yes’s and the no’s that led to a shared bed.
For the tears of your shame and the people that you blamed,
you couldn’t bare the company that shared the space inside you.

An inside smile for the times you saved anything for another person,
a terrible dance and a friend who laughed.
That time you strung along an apology for stringing along a heart.
A memory of a journey, inside unbalanced, outside imperfect,
but upon a moment of reflection it was definitely all worth it

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