Very interesting, thanks for the insight Kenny. I realize more and more that my idea of modern culture, racism, politics, sexism, division and all the problems that plague these facets of life cannot be applied to America. I can only speak for my home; London, England. I used to think that racism, for example, would look very similar in America as it does in England, but it just doesn't. Although we have our idiots and forms of bigotry, it’s not nearly as overtly racist, neither is that prejudice acted upon by our citizens or our authorities as much. We’re more comfortable living with each other it seems. I have never been to America, all I have to go on is hearsay and what the news tells me, but that’s beginning to become enough of a deterrent that I’m almost certain I wouldn't want to live there. Who knows, maybe my opinion will change when I finally get around to visiting America. Good luck in Singapore!

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